SUEZ recycling and recovery UK stand firmly against the practice of forced labour, human trafficking and any form of third-party labour exploitation. SUEZ will work in partnership with other organisations to prevent these situations from occurring in its business and in other organisations that they work alongside.

SUEZ in the UK commits to developing and delivering a proactive approach to tackling hidden labour exploitation. It will achieve this through a number of steps:

  • The creation of a company statement endorsed by the Chief Executive Officer and communicated throughout the business.
  • The existence of an appropriate policy on preventing hidden labour exploitation which will be reviewed on a regular basis.
  • The existence of practical and pragmatic working procedures to support local management in this aim.
  • The delivery of training for key managers using both external organisations and internal resources. A key support relationship has been developed with the organisation ‘Hope for Justice’ in 2015.
  • Working closely and engaging with employees and employee representative bodies as part of preventative strategies.